Launching 2020 - 2021 School Year

Strategic Theme #1

Phase I

Health, safety, and social-emotional supports for students

1a. Partner with city, county, state, and federal stakeholders on meeting new and on-going identified safety enhancement. 

2a. Ensure consistent implementation of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework to include implementation of a comprehensive social-emotional learning (SEL) framework, trauma-informed practices, and restorative practices. 

3a. Increase and embed learning opportunities and experiences involving inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.


Strategic Theme #2

Phase I

Post-graduation guidance and preparation

1a. Utilize a systemic and coordinated approach to ensure awareness of pathways leading to Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees, industry credentials, and military service.


Strategic Theme #3

Phase I

Positive and

supportive culture

1a. Define and develop agreed upon core values, behaviors, and collective commitments.

2b. Create systems to regularly celebrate individuals and teams in the district.


Strategic Theme #4

Phase I

Aligned curriculum with flexible instructional delivery

1a. Establish a district-level curriculum framework that includes aligned resources.

2a. Establish and sustain professional learning and practice around professional learning communities.

2b. Establish differentiated pathways of continuous professional learning for all staff to systematically support teaching and learning.


Strategic Theme #5

Phase I

Equitable distribution of resources

1d. Align the school boundary and enrollment analysis with the strategic plan to ensure that the utilization of school buildings supports the equitable distribution of resources. 

2b. Review and determine the best practice guidelines that guide additional pay, including but not limited to athletics and activities, committees, instructional purposes, and one-time responsibilities and events.


Strategic Theme #6

Phase I

Recruitment, retention and development of high-quality employees

1a. Develop and recommend a predictable compensation schedule for all employee groups that acknowledges experience/longevity, knowledge, and performance. It should be easily comparable to neighboring school districts, and progressively move toward regionally competitive pay for all employees.


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